Knowledge is power

Knowledge about how humans work will give you the power to understand yourself and to improve yourself a lot more. I do not ask you to study neuroscience or biology to be happy, but you can learn from research and benefit from the freedom of knowledge we have available right now. Through the internet, you can teach yourself a hell lot of stuff and with enough patiences, you will see that nothing is impossible to understand.

Use that source! Google whatever interests you! Ask! Talk to people about stuff that interests you! Read!

Understand and gain knowledge in every way possible.

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Truth: Love it, change it or leave it

Complaining about something is normal. But it also produces stress which lower down the function of our neocortex. Stress is something we should always avoid as stress will eventually result in psychosomatic symptoms, nervous behavior and depression. And complaining is a vicious cycle. The more you complain, the more stress will be produced. So why complain? Complaining […]

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Truth: an Introduction

We live life forwards and understand it backwards We have rules all around is – this is how our society works. They were rules at school, rules our parents gave us, rules of the government, rules in your company, there are rules everywhere around us. And they make sense (most of them) as they help other […]

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